« Now is a deeply satisfying album of instrumental guitar rock music by Canadian musician, educator and composer Michel Héroux. Now combines dazzling guitar hero rock, mesmerizing avant-garde jazz guitar similar to Bill Frisell’s work and skillfully-crafted progressive rock. »
Angel Romero - Progressive Rock Central - 2019

« The guitar duo in Jazz has been a tried and true format since the early days of Lonnie Johnson & Eddie Lang. Over the years there have been some very exciting pairings such as George Barnes/Carl Kress, Joe Pass/Herb Ellis, Larry Coryell/Emily Remler, Steve Khan/Larry Coryell, John Scofield/Pat Metheny, and of course Ralph Towner/John Abercrombie to name but a few. Well, we can now add another guitar duo to the list: Montreal’s own Carlos Jiménez & Michel Héroux. Two superb guitarists who blend Jazz, a smattering of Classical, a touch of Brazilian, and a little Folk into a wide simpatico of sound and taste. »
Lyle Robinson - Jazz Guitar Life - 2017

« ...a pleasant exposition of contemporary jazz guitar. »
Jeremy Glass-Pilon - Concordia University Magazine - 2017

« Guitarists Carlos Jimenez and Michel Heroux deliver a series of duets on their own compositions. They keep the sounds varied by mixing and matching classical with gentle electric guitars, sometime a pair of each or both together. The two dance delightfully on the nylons during the samba “Atraves do Tempo and create an intimate conversation on “Bobby." There are soft and sweet strums on “No Title Yet" and form rich drapery on “Satori." When plugging in, there is a dreamy impressionism of “Waltz For Kenny" and an attractive tensile strength during “Azul," with the strings slinking together on the cozy “Blues For Jim." Dreamy wonders. »
George W. Harris - Jazz Weekly - 2016

« The aptly titled Collage is a perfect testament to perhaps the finest guitarist in Canada. Jazz is an umbrella term at best to describe improvisational based music. Canadian guitar phenom Michel Heroux has been quietly working the Montreal music scene for more than a quarter of a century, Collage highlights a virtuoso like ability on electric, acoustic and virtually any genre specific label that can be found lurking between the two. Collage is a musical smorgasbord of harmonic self discovery as Heroux moves from a high octane swing to an introspective and intimate blues and back to a more pop based sound that few guitarists would even consider attempting. The chill acoustic flavor of "Tango" pairs nicely with the blues nasty groove of "October Blues." Six string aficionados should have a field day with this release, a lyrical sense of purpose finds Heroux as technically proficient as he is artistically gifted. Duets, trios and quartets finds Michel Heroux more than comfortable in any ensemble setting. If asked to pick ten guitar oriented releases to take to that mythical desert island, Collage would certainly make the list. One of the most impressive guitarists you will ever hear. One of Canada's best kept musical secrets! »
Brent Black - Bop-N-Jazz - (Critical - 2014

« We listen to tons of records per month...We recommend the very few albums that we rank higher than 7 out of 10 as 'must-listens'. - Michel’s latest solo effort is a very comfortable and fluid stream of sound for both the listener and the artist himself...The record has it all, virtuosity, musical delicacy, lounge seduction, you name it… Score : 9/10 »
Audio Clinic - A Guide To New Music - 2014

« Here is some of the most sublime music you’ll come across this year. Guitarist Michel Heroux features himself in duets, trios and quartets performing his own luscious pieces on this evocative album… Grab it, and put it alongside your Hall, Metheny and de Lucia albums! »
George W. Harris - Jazz Weekly - 2014

« L'exercice de l'album solo est une aventure périlleuse pour tout musicien. Cela prend une grande maîtrise de l'instrument et une grande confiance en ses moyens, deux qualités que semble avoir Michel Héroux. Collage est son troisième album. Il compose pour l'occasion onze pièces de son cru, ajoutant une composition de Carla Bley 'Lawns'. Le guitariste ne cherche pas à nous engloutir sous des tonnes de notes, son jeu est délié et fluide. Héroux privilégie la lisibilité et la décontraction. De la guitare acoustique lumineuse ! »
Gilles Boisclair - Paroles & Musique (SOCAN) - 2014

« From north of the border comes the latest album from Canadian guitarist Michel Heroux entitled "Collage", his first album of new material in four years. The twelve song release starts out strong with ten minutes of wonderful, relaxing acoustic guitar instrumentals ("Namaste" and "Tango"). He gets a great groove going with "October Blues," before slowing down for the fragile delivery of "Lawns." Michel explores his sound with the European feel of "Der Carre" and finds a little pop in his acoustic sound with "Oups!"»
Jim Pasinski - 2013

«Diplômé en guitare classique du Cégep de Joliette-Lanaudière, Michel Héroux s’est bientôt épris de la musique de John Scofield en particulier et du jazz en général. Ce qui ne l’a pas empêché de se passionner également pour le rock progressif d’antan (Yes, Rush) et de fonder le groupe Bacchus, dont la musique témoignait de ces influences diverses. Le voilà qui renoue maintenant avec un contexte plus jazz proprement dit, soutenu par la crème des jeunes jazzmen montréalais: Aron Doyle (trompette), Zach Lober (contrebasse) et les frères Doxas, Chet (saxos) et Jim (batterie). À cheval sur la tradition et la modernité, mais évitant les écueils d’un certain jazz fusion désormais dépassé, ces «conversations», qui portent toutes la signature du leader, témoignent d’une intelligence musicale remarquable et d’une fougue tout à fait communicative. »
Stanley Péan - - 2007

« Michel Héroux is a talented musician and composer… Mission beautifully accomplished. »
Doug Rollins - 2007

«…un heureux amalgame de tradition et de modernité, en
mélangeant des sonorités propres au jazz comme les harmonies claires, le swing, les interactions entre les musiciens, la richesse de l'écriture et les
ambiances. »
Frédérick Masson - Québec Hebdo - 2007

« Conversation de Michel Héroux, habile guitariste et musicien de studio qui dit tremper dans le jazz depuis une quinzaine d’années, est le premier à son nom et met en relief ses multiples talents dans un répertoire de dix compositions originales, à la fois modernes et accessibles, passant du hard-bop à la fusion ou aux rythmes brésiliens et latinisants. La formule du quintette avec saxophone ténor et trompette n’est pas neuve, mais un vent d’air frais souffle quand même ici. »
Marc Chénard - La Scena Musicale - 2007

« …des 'passes' plutôt impressionnantes... Jazz moderne avec influence de swing, de bop, belle suite de compositions originales. »
Yves Rousseau - - 2006

« …Michel Héroux, from Montreal's Bacchus, has the ability to reach beyond clichés in his exotic solo flights. »
Mike Varney - Guitar Player Magazine - 1996